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PUSH BUTTON SWITCHES  /   22£X / 25£X   
(Non-Illuminated & Illuminated)
  • Pilot Lamps
  • Push Buttons
  • Selector Switches
  • Accessory
  • Characters

1. Serise 3. Voltage Rating
NPL22 Round Head NPL22 NLD22
NLD22 Flush Head A AC/DC 24V A AC/DC 24V
E AC/DC 100-120V E AC 100-120V
2. Color I AC/DC 220-240V I AC 220-240V
R Red Y Yellow M AC 380-440V M AC 380-440V
G Green S Blue Y AC/DC 12V    
W White O Orange  
NPL22-R  NPL22-G  NPL22-W  NPL22-Y  NPL22-S   

1. Series
NPB22 Non-Illuminated
NLB22 LED-Illuminated
2. Type
F Flush Head T Twist to Release
Head (40Ø)
F Flush Head
E Elevation Head R Twist to Release
Head (40Ø)
E Elevation
M Mushroom Head (40Ø) S Reset Push-Pull Stop
Mushroom Head (35Ø)
M Mushroom Head (40Ø)
K Mushroom Head (40Ø) with Key  D Double Push Button D Double Push Button
L Flush Head
G Mushroom Head (40Ø)
L Flush Head Maintained
P Elevation Head Maintained H Flush Head Rest Push-Pull Stop
Mushroom Head (40Ø)
G Mushroom Head (40Ø)
J Twist to Release Mushroom Head(40Ø) I Twist to Release
Mushroom Head (40Ø)
P Elevation Maintained
DM Double Push Buttonwith Metal Frame R Twist to Releas Head (40Ø)
M6 Mushroom Head (60Ø) T Twist to Releas Head (40Ø)
¡@ ¡@ DM Double Push Button with Metal Frame
3. Contact Block 4. Color 5. Voltage Rating
10 1a 21 2a1b NPB22 NLB22 NLB22
01 1b 12 1a2b R Red R Red A AC/DC 24V
11 1a1b 22 2a2b G Green G Green E AC/DC 100-120V
22 2a 02 2b Y Yellow Y Yellow I AC/DC 220-240V
S Blue S Blue M AC 380-440V
B Black W White Y AC/DC  12V
W White
NPB22-F11R  NPB22-F11G  NP22-F11Y  NPB22-F11S  NPB22-F11B  NPB22-F11W 
NPB22-E11R NPB22-E11G NPB22-E11Y NPB22-E11S NPB22-E11B NPB22-E11W
NPB22-M11G NPB22-M11R NPB22-M11Y NLB22-G11G NLB22-G11R NLB22-G11Y
NPB22-J02R NPB22-T02R NPB22-R01R NPB22-S02R NPB22-H02R NPB22-I02R
NPB22-K11R NPB22-D11 NPB22-DM11      
NLB22-F11R NLB22-F11G NLB22-F11Y NLB22-F11S NLB22-F11W  
NLB22-E11R  NLB22-E11G NLB22-E11Y NLB22-E11S NLB22-E11W  
NLB22-M11G  NLB22-M11R NLB22-M11Y NLB22-G11G  NLB22-G11G  NLB22-G11G  
NLB22-D11 NLB22-DM11 NLB22-T02R NLB22-R11R    

1. Series 2.Type
NSS22 Non-Illuminated NSS22 NLS22
NLS22 LED Illuminated S Normal Shaft¡@¡@ S Normal Shaft
L Long Shaft L Long Shaft
K Key ¡@ ¡@ ¡@ ¡@
3. Poaition 4. Contact Block
2 2 Position 90¢X¡@¡@¡@¡@ 10 1a 21 2a1b
1 2 Position 90¢X (Spring Return)¡@¡@ 01 1b 12 1a2b
3 3 Position 45¢X¡@¡@¡@¡@ 11 1a1b 22 2a2b
0 3 Position 45¢X (Spring Return)¡@¡@ 20 2a 02 2b
4 3 Position 45¢X (Spring Return from Left)
5 3 Position 45¢X (Spring Return from Right)
6 2 Position 90¢X (Signal Cintinuous)¡@
5. Color 6. Voltage Rating
NSS22 NLS22   A AC/DC 24V        
R Red R Red E AC/DC 100-120V
G Green G Green I AC/DC 220-240V
Y Yellow Y Yellow M AC 380V-440V
B Black W White Y AC/DC 12V
7.NSS22-K Position of Key Removal
Code 3Position
Left Center Right Left Right
0 ¡@ v ¡@ ¡@ ¡@
1 v v ¡@ ¡@ ¡@
2 ¡@ v v ¡@ ¡@
3   v v ¡@ ¡@
4 v ¡@ ¡@ v ¡@
5 ¡@ ¡@ v ¡@ v
6 v ¡@ v v v
NSS22-S211R NSS22-S211G NSS22-S211Y NSS22-S211B
NSS22-L311R NSS22-L311G NSS22-L311Y NSS22-L320B
NLS22-S211R NLS22-S211G NLS22-S211Y NLS22-S211W



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