Model Designation


Product Advantage:
(1) Quick Mounting design to bring
(2) Locking design to advantage operation and maintain safer.Info
(3) Customized Panel Display.Info
(4) Customzied Circuit.Info
(5) Robust steel shaft passes through every layers.Info
(6) Reliable contact action, Suitable for Press machine, Inject machine and Machine Tools.
(7) Comfortably rotated handle experience.
(8) Interination Standard Certification.Info

Quick Mounting Design

Only two steps, to drill a Ø22mm(Ø30mm) round hole then put on panel and locked mounting ring.

Locking design

Customized Panel Display

Customized Circuit

Robust Link

Interination Standard Certification



Panel Dimension(mm)

Dimension(mm)(Capacity: 10A~32A)

Dimension(mm)(Capacity: 63A~100A)

Dimension(mm)(K7 Capacity: 10A~32A)