Model Designation

Product Features

(1) Short switching time.
(2) Handle of waterproof rating is IP66 (NEMA 4X, UL Type 4X).
(3) Could installed ground and auxiliary contact.
(4) The Din-Rail type can be installed in the control box separately and used as an disconnector switch (no need handle).
(5) Easy mounting.Info
(6) With NHD BOX to achieve High IP level(IP66, NEMA 4X, UL Type 4X).Info
(7) Internation Standard Certification.Info

Fast Mounting Design

Dustproof and Waterproof

(1)Plastic screws are rust-resistance.
(2)To avoild slippping teeth , using plastic screw head type of slotted.

Internation Standard Certification



Handle Dimension(mm)

Provided yellow panel with red handle and gray panel with black handle. Followed CE standard, that the yellow panel with red handle is used for the main power switch, and the switch of the branch uses the gray panel with black handle.

Din Rail Type

(1)Screwed to the base plate or fixed on 35mm aluminum/steel din-rail

(2)There is a handle on the body top, which can be installed in the switchboard alone, or connect handle to body by extended iron core (shaft) column


With shaft (iron core) Dimension(mm)


NDS-20D ~ NDS-40D

NDS-60D ~ NDS-100D

Apearance with handle and shaft

NDS-20D ~ NDS-40D

NDS-60D ~ NDS-100D

Panel Type

Quick mounting type and general type(screw)



Quick mounting type

NDS-20P ~ NDS-40P Panel:G5-Black

NDS-20P ~ NDS-40P Panel:G4

general type(screw)

NDS-60P ~ NDS-100P

Base and Din Rain type

Handle Type: G4, G5

Handle Type:P5

Panel Type

Handle Type:G4 G5

Handle Type:P5