Control Unit

‧ 22Φ Push Button

‧ 16Φ Push Button

‧ Foot and Plam Switch

‧ Control Station

‧ EMO Push Button

‧ Long Scale Panel Meters

CAM Switch and
Disconnect Switch

‧ changeover cam switch

‧ Quick Mounting CAM Switch

‧ High power with Small signal in one switch

‧ AC Voltmeter

‧ AC Ammeter

‧ Disconnect Switch

Motor Control

‧ Megnetic Contactor

‧ Thermal Overload Relay

‧ Motor Starter

‧ MS1 IP rating Enclosure

‧ Definite Purpose Contactor

‧ Y-Delta Motor Starter Panel

Terminal Block

‧ HT series Assembly Type

‧ Cassette Type

‧ Assembly Type

‧ Fuse Type

‧ Double Deck

‧ Ground Type

Signal Tower Light

‧ Non-Flash Type

‧ Flash Type

‧ Non-Flash/Flash Alarm Type

No Fuse Circuit Breaker


‧ 24HR Timer

‧ Leakage Protect Plug

About NHD

NHD was founded in Taiwan since 1979, awarded the Symbol of Excellence by the National Standers Bureau and ISO 9001-2015 certification.
We specialize in producing Magnetic Switches, Push Switches, Control Units, Switch Disconnectors, Custom Control Panel, Cam Switches, Terminal Block, and Tower Lamps.

Quality first, customer satisfaction, compliance with laws and regulations, and continuous improvement are our quality policies. In line with technology and service first is our service loyalty purpose.

  • With OEM and ODM experiences is your best business paterner
  • International cetification is our quality assurance
  • Improving constantly automatical techniqe is our advantage

Quality is our policy
Continuous improvment

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NHD Product Video Introduction

Our products are sold all over the world. In addition to the controllers of the machine tool industry, there are more related products for customers to use. We look forward to more customers to discover.

  • 01 Control Units Introdcution

    The assembly method of the push button switch is very simple, only need a screwdriver to disassemble and assemble all components, there are also special tools for locking and fixing the button, and the international safety certification is also quite complete, and there is also a switch box that can be used together, from 1~ 5 holes boxes, all of which can achieve the effect of dustproof and waterproof. The fixing screws of the control box are made of plastic and will not rust.


  • There are many kinds of CAM switches, including the latest ones are quick-connect type CAM switches, which can be mounting with only one hole, and can be matched with a variety of key-attached appearances, and this has patent rights. The capacity ranges from 10A to 100A, and The combination of power line and small signal (big ampere + small ampere) . There are also quite a variety of types of panels and handles. The symbol that are not on the catelog can also be marked by laser. To satisfy your needs, a variety of products are waiting for you to discover.


  • In electrical engineering, the function of the isolating switch is to ensure that the circuit is completely powered off, so that maintenance personnel can perform maintenance in a safe environment, so it often appears in power distribution and industrial places. Another function is to use it as a power switch, in addition to power distribution When placed in the electric control box, we also provide an appropriate control box to match and use the isolating switch independently.


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In addition to providing you with excellent products, we also have professional knowledge and experience in industrial power distribution and automation control. If you needs, please contact us.

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Control Units


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Control Units

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Control Units

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Control Units


Control Units

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Motor Control

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