C series

AC Power
Contactor (Forward and Revese)

SMC series

AC/DC Power
Contactor (Forward and Revese)

S-C series Contactor

AC Power

AC series Definite Purpose Contactor

Definite Purpose Contactor
Scope: Light, Heater, and Machine Tools, etc

NTH Type Thermal Overload Relay

NTH Type

Relay Setting Rane : 0.35A~126A

Contactor : C series , SMC series

TH Type Thermal Overload Relay

TH Type

Relay Setting Rane : 0.64A~160A

Contactor: S-C series

Motor Starter / IP rating Encolsure / Panel Control

Contactor + overload relay

IP65 / IP54 / IP42 waterproof encolsure

Contactor + remote controller

Y-Delta Control Circuit